[OST] Goblin: The Great and Lonely God Official Soundtrack (Pack 2)

[OST] Goblin: The Great and Lonely God Official Soundtrack (Pack 2)


[OST] Goblin: The Great and Lonely God Official Soundtrack (Pack 2)

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Item: Guardian: The Great and Lonely God OST 
Release Date: August 18, 2020



1. Round and Round (feat. Han Soo-ji) - Heize
2. Stay With Me - Chan-yeol and Punch 
3. My Eyes - 10cm
4. Hush - Lasse Lindh
5. Beautiful - Crush 
6. You Are So Beautiful - Eddy Kim 
7. Who Are You - Sam Kim 
8. I Miss You - Soyou
9. First Snow - Jung Joon Il 
10. I Will Go To You Like The First Snow - Ailee 
11. Wish - Urban Zakapa
12. Heaven - Roy Kim, Kim E-Z
13. Love - MAMAMOO
14. And I'm Here - Kim Kyung-hee of April 2nd
15. Winter is Coming - Han Soo-ji
16. Stuck in Love - Kim Kyung-hee of April 2nd 


1. Dark Walk - Various Artists
2. Butterfly - Various Artists
3. First Love - Various Artists
4. When You Open The Door - Various Artists 
5. Eun-tak's Waltz - Various Artists
6. Sparkling Wind - Various Artists
7. Small Beach House - Various Artists
8. When Time Stops - Various Artists
9. One Day After a Thousand Years - Various Artists 
10. Amnesia - Various Artists 
11. Their Only Moments - Various Artists 
12. No God's Sword - Various Artists 
13. The Future I Saw Was Right - Various Artists 
14. Whistling - Various Artists
15. Birth Goddess and Deokhwa - Various Artists
16. Crazy Dog, Professor Park - Various Artists 
17. Feast of the Deities - Various Artists 
18. Prayer - Various Artists
19. Warrior's Song - April 2nd 

Tags: Goblin K-Drama
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