[OST] Alice Official Soundtrack

[OST] Alice Official Soundtrack


[OST] Alice Official Soundtrack

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✔ 2CD / Box package (37 tracks in total)
✔ Potobook (52P)
✔ Prophetic books notes (as a note containing some of the contents of the prophecy, special offer for OST purchase customers)
✔ Prophecy Photo Card

01. Secret (Feat. ISHXRK) - 유주(여자친구)
02. 별 - 임한별
03. Major Prophets
04. Concealed Fangs
05. Devil Component
06. Noble Love
07. All About Our Days
08. I Am Gone
09. The Best Thing I Ever Did
10. Light Fades
11. Chasing Night
12. Creeping Evil
13. Abyss
14. Searching For U
15. Spiral Of Destiny
16. Help
17. Low Air
18. The Edge
19. Thousand Of Path 01. Whenever Wherever Whatever - 벤 02. From You - 엔플라잉(N.Flying) 03. 기억해요 - 노을 04. Race On 05. The Truth Will Out 06. Forget Me Not 07. I Was Never Really There 08. Unknown 09. In The Ring 10. Back In Time 11. Virtual Ride 12. Incomplete 13. Galaxy Run 14. You Need To Forget Me 15. Return Again 16. Time Slip 17. Combat Readiness 18. Someone Is Here

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